Our Philosophy

Have you ever thought about how much garbage a typical household or school or office generates? Does it upset you when you look at trash-filled bins or areas? Have you tried to recycle or upcycle your household or office or school waste? Are you conscious about sustainable living? Do you wish to buy products that are environmentally friendly?

If you have ever wondered about these questions, you will find that our thoughts resonate with yours.

Why WeRecycle?

At WeRecycle we believe in an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle that is not just good for us, but is also beneficial for our environment and our planet. We understand that, as human beings, generating waste is inevitable. While we focus on ways to minimize waste, we wondered: wouldn’t it also be great to re-use the waste we are currently generating? This idea inspired the creation of WeRecycle, which converts the waste we generate into usable products that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Along with our aspiration to do what’s good for the environment, we believe in making a difference to the city we live in and to our society. Our desire led us to employ women from an economically challenged neighborhood to help us create recycled products. This arrangement helps the women earn their livelihood and lead respectable lives. They learn skills that are useful to them, gain confidence, and become self-reliant. The mission of WeRecyle is to sustain and expand this cycle, creating economic value by manufacturing environmentally responsible products and simultaneously empowering underprivileged women to build meaningful and fulfilling lives.

The Beginning


A successful designer running a wedding card business meets a farmer who has been composting and recycling organic waste.  Frustrations, challenges and ideas are exchanged, narrowing down on the basic question of how to recycle or better still –  how to re-use inorganic waste.

Partnership is Formed


The common vision of creating eco-friendly products inspires Abhinav (the farmer) and Renu (the designer) to collaborate on the idea. Having a deep sense of community and social reform, they plan to include underprivileged women in their business model so that the women can earn a respectable livelihood.

Products come to life


Concepts turn into ideas. Ideas become prototypes! In keeping with their original values, Abhinav and Renu seek out eager women from the economically challenged neighborhoods and start training them.

Launch of WeRecycle


After several prototypes, guidance and feedback from friends and family, WeRecycle is launched with a small initial product offering. Hundreds of used glass bottles, newspapers, magazines, tetrapaks, handmade paper waste are re-used to create unique, innovative and aesthetically appealing products for home and personal use.

WeRecycle on the Web!


With a full-fledged line of products for home and personal use, WeRecycle goes live on the Web. You can now read updates, shop online and hear about our activities on Social Media. Stay tuned!

WeRecycle Goes Global


Building on our foundation of innovation and inspired by the opportunity to expand the business model, WeRecycle will be participating in NYNOW in Feb 2017 – a leading trade show in New York City – in the Artisan Resource section – proudly honoring the women who are making this possible.