Frequently Asked Questions

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How can i help?

You can help us in many ways ranging from donating waste to sponsoring a women trainee in recycling. However the most direct way of supporting this initiative is by choosing to buy any of our products for personal use or gifting others. Every time you purchase a WeRecycle product you help us grow our operations, there by helping us reduce the amount of waste and also create livelihoods for more women.

Can I donate waste?

We recycle a lot of waste and do have a requirement of different kinds of waste at regular intervals. However we have still not recached a point where we can unconditionally accept waste. The requirement is currently fluctuating owing to demand for a particular kind of waste, inventory and most importantly the storage space available with us. Please connect with us at Donate Waste.

Any instructions for waste donation?

One of the most important aspects in waste collection is the cleanliness. We cannot accept anything that is unwashed or unclean. For example tetrapaks if not washed properly can develop fungus and further stink. Alcohol bottles also need to be washed before donation.

Can I promote your products?

Being a startup we do not have a marketing budget. Any assistance with helping us reach to a larger audience would be welcome. It could be as simple as sharing our posts on your facebook profile. At a more professional level if you are a part of CSR team, Green Team or Procurement team of a corporate entity, help us by choosing our products for special events/client visits/gifts etc.

Can I volunteer?

We would love to have volunteers who can help us with various aspects of the business. However we do need a very clear commitment of time, even if its an hour a week. Clear commitments helps us plan the work better and also achieve tangible outputs. Also giving us an idea of your skill set and time commitment helps us identify the right job for you that could be symbiotic for both. To know more please write to us at

Can I intern with WeRecycle?

We do have internship opportunities for students in the field of Product Design, Marketing, Ecommerce etc. A minimum period for internship is two months. Please write to us at giving us more details about your curriculum/skillset/time commitment etc.